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Dr. Angela Tran, ‘America’s Weight-Loss Dr.’ & author of “Fat Girl Funeral” has helped her patients lose thousands of pounds. She can help you too.

At Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss, you’ll receive one-on-one attention from our doctors and staff, expert advice and all the step-by-step instruction you need to lose weight fast. We want you to look and feel better!

Imagine being able to reduce your dependency on maintenance medications. Imagine participating in active play with your child or pet. Imagine waking up feeling good every day! Your health is important to us! Let us help you have a chance at making these experiences a reality!

Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss is a physician-supervised medical weight loss clinic dedicated to helping patients lose weight and keep it off.

Med-Fit is led by Dr. Angela Tran. Dr. Angela believes in safe weight loss and is against dangerous fad diets that backfire on you once you’re done with them.

Dr. Angela is there for you every step of the way with lifestyle education, fitness training, diet and medical expertise all in one place. Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss is a lifestyle change that countless previous clients can vouch for. If you’re ready to start losing weight safely and keeping it off, give our Arizona office a call today at 480-658-0955 or schedule a free consultation. Dr. Angela is dedicated to helping patients lead a healthier lifestyle and attain their weight loss goals.

At Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss, we are now one of the most recognized weight loss companies in the nation and have been claimed as an industry leader in medical weight loss. As the obesity epidemic continues to rise, we are a company that is bringing health to the forefront as a major priority again. We help busy professionals solve health problems through weight loss by teaching them how to take ownership of their health, improve energy with diet and exercise, and increase their self-confidence.

Our Mission & Vision

Our goal is to help fill the world with healthy, happy, active people who live longer, smile more and look and feel confident. 







What We Do

We help patients solve health problems through weight loss by helping them take ownership of their health and wellness, improve energy with diet and exercise, and increase their self-confidence and well-being with the support and counseling from a physician.

Our Approach

At Med-Fit we strategically combine nutrition, fitness and mindset all in one place (remotely) to facilitate long-term weight loss success for our patients. Health Coaches at Med-Fit work alongside other top-trained health coaches, registered dietitians and personal trainers to create an individualized plan for each patient that participates in our programs. We pride ourselves on teaching our patients the tools they need to succeed, so the weight stays off long after their program ends.

Metabolic Analysis

As part of your evaluation we order labs that will help you identify and correct any medical barriers that could be keeping you from losing weight.


Based on your body chemistry, metabolism, and lifestyle, we will design an easy-to-follow meal plan that is sustainable for long term success!

Accountability & Support

Each patient is assigned a health coach to help you develop healthy, life-long habits so you understand what is needed to keep weight off for life without worrying about cutting calories or killing yourself at the gym.

Why Chooose Us

Our results speak for themselves. Here’s what our patients are saying:


Med Fit helped me hit my goal weight without gimmicks or fads. Good old fashioned healthy eating of real food and a workout plan. Coaches and dieticians and a doctor made it a well rounded experience. It’s all virtual which helps busy professionals. No hidden fees or traps! Great experience.


Med Fit staff works as a team and helped me navigate through stress of dieting. They provided the support I needed with weekly encouragement from counselors and nutritionist. Though losing weight was my goal, I learned more about myself and how to maintain good eating habits. Kelli especially went the distance with me and could relate to my issues.

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Are you financially stable to invest in your health?

If so – I’d like to offer you a Free Metabolic Analysis to see if we are a good match.

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